Living archeology

A trade village Faktoria Handlowa in Pruszcz Gdański is not an ordinary museum. It’s a place, where you’ll travell back in time almost 2000 years, you’ll learn the living conditions of people habiting south coast of Baltic Sea at that time, and also you’ll see how did living in a village look like.

A Living Archeology means moving the excavations and history books into a brand new level. In our village you will not only see, how the pottery was made – you’ll have an occasion to talk to potter and join his work. You won’t just see how arrow is made and how archery looks like, but you’ll make an arrow by yourself and then you’ll shoot it with a real bow. You’ll learn the techniques of amber processing and try your hands at the amber craftsman’s workshop.

The tour around Faktoria trade village is a history lesson combined with fresh-air entertainment for the whole family. Besides learning secrets of ancient crafts, seeing the living of Goths – inhabitants of Pomerania from the beginning of era, and visiting an unique exhibition of antiques found in Pruszcz Gdański, theres also many activities visitors can take part in. The perfet joy comes from ancient games: Kubb and Bula, and so from plebeian games, like: tug of war, sack races or spear throw.

Faktoria arranges cyclic shows and workshops in which visitors can take an active part. One can learn, among other, secrets of: pottery kilning, getting a birch-tar, fabric dyeing, trying hands in smithy, and also  either taste some fish from our reconstruction of smokehouse or try other dishes prepared in ancient way.